Gas prices have sky-rocketed on the oil market worldwide, counting on just the previous months, with all that’s happening to the world right now… war-torn countries, climate change, global inflation, economic crisis, covid19 pandemic and many more global issues that affects the oil & gas market  it seems like oil prices will stay at it’s all time high for a long run. As the saying goes modern problems require modern solutions. Well, this article is a counter intuitive with that popular phrase because we are goingBIKING/CYCLING to work as transportation alternative

1. You’ll save tons of money by bike commuting

Gas money and transportation takes a toll on your everyday expenses, now that we can crossed that out,the intended funds can go a long way, whether you are aiming to mark it aspersonal savings, buy new clothes, apparel, shoes or enroll in a Netflix membership or even invest that particular portion of savings. You can never go wrong with an extra pair of wise budgeted money.

2. You’ll boost your heart health and muscle strength

Beginning and ending your day with an active routine of commutebiking can elevate your overall fitness. According to WHO on today’sgeneration adolescents and young adults Globallyover one in six adolescents was overweight. Prevalence varied across WHO regions, from lower than 10% in the WHO South-East Asia region to over 30% in the WHO Region of the Americas.Physical activity provides fundamental health benefits for adolescents, including improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, maintenance of a healthy body weight, and psychosocial benefits. WHO recommends for adolescents to accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily, which may include play, games, sports, but also activity for transportation (such as cycling and walking)

3. Less likely to be exposed to COVID19

Say that you commute via jam packed train, subway or a crowded bus every day, now with the alternative of biking on your way to yourwork officewill create less chance of catching Covid19 in comparison to other crowded transportation methods. The announce advice from the Department for Health is to cycle or jog when you can. There is a greater passage of air and less risk you will come into contact with others when you cycle to work, this really lives up to the word “Social Distancing”

4. A sense of Happiness

You will experience an adventurous feelif you ride your bike to work. While most people wouldn’t think of waiting in traffic, navigating a congested metropolis, or taking packed public transportation as relaxing or enjoyable activities, cycling to work can really turn your everyday commute into an adrenaline inducing happiness. Daily exercise has been demonstrated in numerous studies to lower stress, alleviate depression symptoms, improve sleep patterns for people with insomnia, and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, exercising outside – in both urban and rural settings – has been shown to improve self-esteem and overall mood.

5. Cut down on your carbon footprint

Taking into account daily mobile car drivers’ road usage, various fuel types, average occupation, and manufacturing emissions, driving a car generates roughly 271g CO2 per passenger-kilometer.Taking the bus reduces your carbon footprint by more than half. However, if you want to minimize your emissions even more, consider riding a bicycle to work. Cycling has an impact since, while they are not powered by gasoline, they are fueled by foodnutrients, and food production emits CO2.

6. Improves the over-all of mental health

A survey of over 21,000 people conducted by Cycle International found that 95 percent of respondents ranked off-road cycling as very essential for their mental health — compelling evidence that getting on the bike is an excellent way to de-stress and clear the mind. Whether you choose an on-road or off-road route to work, it will most likely help you clear your mind, improve your mental well-being, and provide long-term mental health advantages.

7. There will be no more traffic congestion –

Tired of being almost all the time stuck in traffic? It isn’t healthy for your mental state, and it isn’t good for the environment either. You won’t have to sit in traffic on congested streets if you commute by bike, and you’ll be helping the environment by lowering the amount of cars on the road. Save time, increase your happiness, and help others at the same time.

8. Improve your immune system’s performance

Employees who commute via bicycle are proven to be more agile and lively in terms of their immune system wellbeing. Getting outside on your bike to commute to work and catching the sun rays as they engulf the layers of your skin will improve your vitamin D levels in your body, which will benefit your immune system, brain, and bones, as well as prevent you from a variety of diseases and illnesses.

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