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About Us

At Amyof.me, we connect our users/applicants with companies seeking diverse talents through employment opportunities in an agile and simple way.
The job portal aims to help its users find the best jobs available on their market industry and connect companies to top tier talents internationally.

Armyof.me’s main agenda is to promote a practical way of recruiting people on which both recruiters and job seekers will not be presented with limited amount of opportunities; a way where both employers and applicants can fulfill themselves professionally.

So.. If you are an employer, you can openly advertise your job vacancies to our site which contains abundant ample numbers of registered applicants and freely make a direct contact with your chosen candidates.

For workers, we offer multitude of job openings with reputable companies all for free and when you create a profile together with your CV/Resume’ it will be filtered directly to match a tailored job opening for you.

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Our Values

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