How to Build a Winning Internship Program.


Interns have a notion that often gets misled as an “extra manpower”. As you may probably observed before on an office environment that has a student intern , you mostly have see them in the office doing rank and file paper works, preparing a blended coffee serving and the most common one where you can find their office habitat is the printing machine…printing endless repetitive copy of a file which probably won’t be much of a use,  but what if I told you that those interns can provide a winning support just like any other permanent employees in a company, you just need to maximize and harness their young and hungry hunting spirit ? well then this article is for you

1. Scoping the reliability

Yup, I mentioned that those interns are hungry for experience its up to you to develop and seek their potential.Start off by slowly giving an organize level of difficulty of task to the intern as he/she progresses. From here you will be able to determine their reliability and effectiveness.

2. Building Trust

So now you are now convinced that your intern is able to hit those KPI and reliability points. Now reassure them that the task that they are given are “real” task that requires full attention to detail. This will help them focus on the task and anticipate of balancing the completeness of each task.

3. Positive Reinforcement

A positive testimonial phrase can really uplift anyone especially an apprentice beginner, remember that they are fairly new to this environment so a positive remark just like a simple “job well done”, “I appreciate what you are doing” you are a great addition to the team and etc. would boost their morale vastly. Remember that you as their handler/supervisor are grooming them to face the corporate world, it would be extra nice of a deed if you could help them as they maneuver and adjust tothe corporate life

4. Building an effective communication report

Communication is a master key to any effective tandem, It is highly important that you communicate with your intern on a daily manner and express how communication will be use entirely on their professional career all through-out, one thing you could do is including him/herto a non-exclusive meetings, he/she can create the minutes of meeting and your intern will definitely taste and a sense what meetings feels and looks like.

5. Share personal working experience Advices

As a refined corporate worker,yourself, it would be ideal to share to them your personal experience on things that you wished you knew when you started working way back and matters that you wish you could improve or changed during your past experience. This will greatly open the eye of your intern on the bird’s eye view of an experienced worker. This is a knowledge that would be essential in guiding the intern through the right path.

6. Schedule a Regular Performance Review

This is a tangible way of providing your intern a ready reference for his/her work performance. This will establish a rapport on which the intern will recognize which specific areas he/she needs to improve on. In addition, this will serve as a series of formal track record of the performance all throughout the duration of the program.

7. Treat them with respect

Even though they are categorized as temporaryemployee, internsarestill an integral function of the organization, you should always treat everybody with mutual respect regardless of their positionand be a classic role model of a professional, you do not want to create a phobia inducing experience to a fresher, wouldn’t you?

8. Stay in touch

A good internship program acts as a probable scouting ground for young talent. You can discover new breed oftalents that could one day excel at your company and bring in new ideas to the table. Once the internshipprogram is completed, it would be optimal to maintained a contact with your apprentice, there might be an opening for a fresher in the future.

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