General Usage Policies (Initial Guideline)

These policies and guidelines represent our focal goal to provide a convenient & reliable job search experience for our end-users. The Policies/Guidelines outlined stated under warrants that employers to get the utmost hiring experience while helping job seekers find relevant opportunities that will cater to their skill sets.

Application Policies

Transparency and Accessibility

The application process should be transparent of all information and user-friendly to navigate. Applications should be tied to the specific job that was posted and not a talent pool. The job description should make clear the job poster’s relationship to the end employer, especially in the case of third-party recruiters.

Privacy and Security of Personal Information

Applicant’s personal information collected in the whole application process should be treated discreetly within your company and never made available to third parties or other entity that is outside your company dominion.

Communication Policies

Messages sent via Armyofme to potential applicants should generally follow the similar rules as job postings. When communicating with candidates, please be aware of the following:

Present a specific and relevant job

The position being offered should be clearly stated and relevant to the candidates you personally contacted. Your job should be a good fit for a candidate’s experience and career status.

Include job details and identifying information

Your message should include the title, requirements,job’s location and compensation details. If your message also includes a link, it should send candidates directly to the job information and not re directed to an advertising. Be certain to include the official business name of your company and its location as well as the recruiter/employer’s name and title. Use your company email address, if possible.

Be considerate of candidate privacy

Do not force to request highly sensitive information to be sent directly over a message. Please be thoughtful of a candidate’sprivacy matters while communicating on Armyofme platform and all throughout the hiring process.
Messages sent through armyofmeshould not solicit or require payment of any kindwhtrether monetary or other forms of trading/exchange that has monetary value (e.g Cash, credit, crypto etc. )

Apply URL Policies

Job URLs should be direct links

Job URLs should directly lead to either an application process or a job description page that includes a direct link to the application process. Alternatively, a URL should lead to a log in or sign up page that immediately sends the job applicant to the application process or job description page
1.) All jobs and applications should meet armyofme’s quality standards outlined in our policy articles.

2.) Tracking should be used on Apply URL jobs to identify traffic from Armyofme.

3.) Generic, generalized, or non-specific applications may be disregarded

Platform Abuse Policy

Armyofme does not allow the expansion of content to our systems that attempt to manipulate the ranking of jobs on our platform or circumvent Trust & Safety systems. Multiple reposting of roles or posting roles in locations other than where the job is offered are examples of behavior that’s discouraged and may impact content visibility on the site. Employers who are found to maliciously or intentionally manipulate Armyofme’s products to receive a gain in traffic for their job will receive lowered visibility or have their product usage revoked.

For more specific policies, please view our other policy articles.