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Hosted PBX System for Small Businesses


Hosted private branch exchange (hosted PBX) is a virtual telephone exchange system that is made, served, and managed by a third-party service provider. It delivers secure and reliable IP-based phone service for a business or organization through your internet connection. There is no need to take care of the hardware, software, training, maintenance, and more. Instead, a hosted PBX provider will be responsible for those. Hosted PBX is also referred to as cloud PBX or hosted voice. Today, PBX systems are becoming popular as solutions for growing small to medium-sized business owners.

A small business must be efficient, responsive, and flexible. We aim that our platform will allow the business to communicate easier and collaborate smarter. With the right IP phone systems, we will be more capable in terms of communications and collaboration. Thus, we will eliminate the cost and hassle of a traditional PBX and dedicated phone network.


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Hosted PBX Features


Hosted PBX services can offer you plenty of features and benefits. The components can be a huge help to those who own a small business. Also, the PBX system is cheaper than a traditional on-site system. The system will save you from buying expensive hardware and software, pay installation, and manage the system. Furthermore, all you need to do is to pay a monthly fee and enjoy all of the benefits.

PBX features commonly include the following:


  • call management

    (call blocking, call forwarding, call logging, call transfer, and call waiting.)


  • least-cost routing

    refers to choosing the best path for outbound phone calls (also known as termination) based on the lowest available cost for the route between the caller and the destination.


  • unified communication

    unifies phone calls, web conferencing, SMS, and email among others.


  • local connections

    allowing users to have local numbers in cities where they’re not physically present, enabling ‘virtual offices’ anywhere.


You can deploy a PBX service as soon as you want. In fact, most business owners are able to have their hosted PBX setup and running in just a day. Newer versions of PBX are now available as well. In particular, adding these applications and features can typically be done with a simple download or click of the mouse.


Major Benefits of a Hosted PBX


An undependable business phone system can be very expensive. Most of the transactions between you, your employees, and customers rely on voice calling technology to communicate and work together. If suddenly your phones go down, it will surely have an immediate impact on a lot of things such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and most importantly the reputation.

Hosted business phone systems, based on research, will minimize costs than premises-based PBX phone systems. However, it is not just the cost that we need to consider when we consider if cloud-hosted private branch exchange solutions are right for your needs. Also, it is important that we fully understand the whole scope of benefits brought by these modern phone systems that can help business communications.


Here are some benefits that might convince you to consider switching or getting a hosted private branch exchange (hosted PBX).


1. Call Cost Savings


The hosted voice can lower the average cost per call consumed in your business. First, it has low monthly rates per phone line. Second, unlimited local and long-distance calls are part of the service. Third, it has cost-effective international call options. Fourth, there is the ability to consolidate multiple business sites into a single system. Fifth, it eliminates dedicated circuits for telephony. Lastly, hosted PBX reduces the amount of equipment required to make or receive phone calls.


2. Easy setup


A hosted PBX can be set up within days providing a rapid installation. You can easily set up the service without the hassle. Just contact any reliable hosted PBX providers.


3. Simpler Maintenance


There is no longer a need to entirely rely on employees or service technicians to perform upgrades and maintenance on the phone system. The service offers simple management portals which are easy to use. There will be no need for the assistance of an IT staff. It will be the vendor or the hosted PBX provider who should manage maintenance, updates, and repairs to their infrastructure.


4. It’s Flexible


With the help of a hosted PBX, your business can quickly move to another place. You can also downsize, expand, or terminate whenever you want. Also, since the whole system operates through the internet, the telephone is connected to the hosted PBX.  In addition, the service does have no geographic limitations.


5. Enhanced Features


The PBX hosting will help you gain access to the cloud tools your company needs to collaborate effectively. There are features for mobility and productivity as a standard part of a cloud PBX system. Aside from that, other features are affordable add-on services. These include, SMS messaging, chat messaging, auto-attendant, fax service, and more.


6. Scalability


Scalability is not limited to hosted PBX if we compare it to the traditional phone systems. With PBX hosting, you no longer have to pay for a service call. Analog phone systems cannot scale to accommodate multimedia communication. Meanwhile, with hosted voice, your business can make changes on-demand to your system. Indeed, we can scale cloud phone systems easily to new business locations or remote workers.


7. Enhanced Customer Service


A virtual assistant will cater to your customers all the time, as much as possible. It assists customers with common queries or concerns. A virtual attendant makes sure that the customers are receiving pleasant service. Because of this, there will be fewer complaints from the customer.


Quality Hosted PBX Phone Systems at Your Service


The right provider should be highly responsive, invested in your businesses’ success. Scale your business with the hosted PBX services that Army of Me offers. Here are some benefits you can expect from our server virtualization solutions:


Reliable and Secure Communications


At Army of Me, we have a dedicated team of highly specialized professionals who work together to ensure that your hosted PBX system is secure and fully protected. Not only that, but we also have systems in place to guarantee an excellent quality of voice calls.


Massive Cost Savings


All you need are phones and a strong, dependable internet connection, and you are good to go. Hosted PBX providers like Army of Me handle and manage the servers and systems necessary to keep your communications infrastructure in working order. Hence, you no longer need to spend hefty upfront investments in bulky, clunky telephone systems.


Continuous Business Operations


While nobody likes to think about disasters and calamities, the reality is that they do happen, and they can disrupt your business operations. However, with a hosted PBX phone system, you can rest assured that your communications systems are always operational.


Enhanced Productivity


Because you and your employees can stay connected anytime, anywhere, your communications system remains fully available to everyone in your organization. This, in turn, enhances organizational productivity.


Outsourced Maintenance


Another hosted PBX phone system benefit is that you no longer have to dedicate company resources to keeping your communications infrastructure running. Our team at Army of Me handles the maintenance and updating of your system so you can focus on your core business.


Complete Control Over Your Data


We use private and independent servers to host your PBX system. Hence, your data is not shared with other organizations without your permission, and only you have complete control over and access to your files.


Advanced Features


Our hosted PBX for small businesses comes with advanced features that may be constantly updated or upgraded to support your operations and make your company more productive.


Greater Scalability


With our hosted PBX solutions, you can scale your resources effortlessly to meet your usage capacity in no time at all.


Reduced Complexity


Because our hosted PBX service at Army of Me is designed with users’ convenience in mind, you can easily configure your own settings.


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