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Why We Need Virtual Assistants


Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Whatever industry you are in, time is worth something. If you are in the real estate industry, time is a valuable asset. If you are a business owner or executive, you need to be efficient with your schedule. Moreover, when you have too many tasks to take care of, it can steal yours. You need to focus on the clients and projects that bring the most impact on your business.

There is actually a brilliant solution to do your real estate tasks easier.


Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant!


Without a doubt, hiring a real estate assistant to help you with related tasks is a smart solution. With it, you can outsource several of your tasks to a virtual assistant. In addition to this, you can now more focus on doing the most important for your business. You can now prioritize prospecting for listings, going on listing appointments, and networking for business.


Virtual Assistants: What They Do, and When Do You Need One


Virtual assistants are the people who work online from a remote location, usually from home. They usually provide administrative services to their clients. Usually, businesses outsource services to a Virtual Assistant to free up valuable time and focus on what is the core of the business. This can give entrepreneurs the advantage and flexibility to grow their business. In addition, today’s virtual assistants are highly skilled. They are not just virtual secretaries or personal service assistants. In particular, they have acquired advanced training with the experience to work professionally in different industries. Indeed, working in real estate is actually very rewarding.


Signs to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant


In this article, we will go over the advantages of hiring a real estate virtual assistant. If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant, here are the signs that you need to know:


You’re spending too much time on repetitive tasks.


Maybe you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant. But, you aren’t sure if you’re ready. You can start tracking how much time you spend handling small, menial tasks. These tasks can include answering emails, managing your calendar, or booking appointments. If you spend several hours each week on repetitive tasks, it may be time to outsource them to a virtual assistant.


You don’t need full-time help, just additional assistance.


You don’t hire a virtual assistant if your business requires a full-time assistant who manages several involved tasks. Rather, virtual assistants are ideal for businesses that need to offload one or two specific tasks or projects that don’t justify hiring a full-time salaried employee.


You have the budget for it.


You are already planning to seek additional assistance. Now, prepare a cost-benefit analysis to determine the value of your time versus the cost of time spent working on specific tasks. If you have the budget to hire a part-time contractor and your cost-benefit analysis indicates you will gain valuable time back, look for a virtual assistant.


Real Estate Virtual Assistant | Responsibilities                


1. Marketing Tasks


You have to market your services if you want to stay in the business. But there are times where marketing in the real estate industry can be time-consuming tasks. Don’t worry. You can now hire virtual assistants to help you increase engagement with your target audience. Social media and content management are both services a real estate virtual assistant can easily handle for you. For instance, the real estate virtual assistant can help real estate business owners handle several marketing tasks. Isn’t amazing?

Some of these tasks include:


Producing Online Marketing Campaign –


Creating an active online presence for your business is important in maintaining a good personal brand. A virtual assistant can create graphics and post them on your business page. Trained VA’s are familiar with using web-based graphic design platforms like Canva, Crello, and Snappa. These are user-friendly applications wherein templates and simple graphics come in handy to use.


Managing Business Page –


No more need to constantly visit your business page to monitor how your page is doing. A virtual assistant can report it to you. They can easily help you in nurturing your audience and improving your brand. The real estate virtual assistant can respond to the audience’s questions, and send an invitation to like your page. Those are few tasks perfect for a virtual assistant to handle.


Writing Article/Blog –


You can utilize virtual assistants to write articles for your blog! Without a doubt, blogs are a great avenue for your business to build brand awareness. This is through SEO tactics and producing new content. However, it is not really very easy and is time-consuming if you decide to do it yourself. A virtual assistant will take its time to produce a well-written article with backlinks, images, and videos.


Monitoring Marketing Effort –


If you are in a business, it is necessary for you to monitor your marketing efforts. With that, you can see which channels are working, and what isn’t working. Now, you can be able to make decisions easier with the data provided for you. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will be submitted to you by your virtual assistant. Undoubtedly, you can make important solutions and make adjustments to your strategy. These all can be done with a trustworthy and competent real estate virtual assistant.


2. Administrative Responsibilities


Actually, administrative tasks are some of the easiest and best tasks to start outsourcing to a real estate Virtual Assistant. They can help you from managing incoming emails to tracking important appointments. To manage your business effectively, staying on top of administrative tasks is important. Some of these administrative tasks do not actually generate revenue. Of course, they are still important but it can take away from you your valuable time to do other important things such as selling properties. These tasks are generally easy to teach and learn. Moreover, it will save you hundreds of hours in the long run. Instead of doing it yourself, you can outsource administrative tasks to a virtual assistant. These tasks include some of these:




It will be your virtual assistant who will check on the property you are looking to buy. In addition, they can check its location, property value, amenities, and establishments surrounding it. Besides, you will just wait for them to see you what they have got.


Email management


Your virtual assistant can sort and filter emails. Aside from that, they can also respond to questions from prospects, and sending follow-ups.


Data Entry


One task, a virtual assistant can do, is proofreading data and entering them into your spreadsheet. Apart from this, it also includes entering or updating client information.


Calendar Management –


This is both your personal and work calendar. The real estate virtual assistant can set up meetings. Also, they will remind you about your scheduled appointment and upcoming events. See? The burden of remembering it all is no longer yours.


Listing Management –


You can ask your real estate virtual assistant to handle listing presentations. This is to ensure that your listing is up-to-date. You can monitor if property status is updated. Also, they can check if a listing price is accurate and property details are precise.


3. Prospecting and Sales


Your virtual assistant can work on different real estate inside sales agent (ISA) tasks. In particular, they will help you with prospecting by generating qualified leads. Also, they can make cold calls to prospective homeowners and assist you with screening leads. With that, it ensures prospective buyers are qualified to purchase a home. Now, you can focus your time on your target audience. Your virtual assistant can also help your nurture leads.  On top of that, they can help with lead conversion by setting up appointments for interested buyers who call about your listings. With the help of your virtual assistant, you can now focus on meeting and closing deals.


Reduces Stress


Real estate virtual assistants will make your life a lot easier. We are all aware of how can a job be so stressful. But, with the help of reliable assistance, anything can be possible. As someone who struggles to work with his priorities. You will no longer work on the things that will consume you a lot of time. Instead, you will prioritize those core essentials to your work. Productivity is a choice and real estate can be a rewarding career. Worrying about plenty of job-related stuff can be so stressful which is not good for your help and your career.

By outsourcing services to your real estate virtual assistant, you can give more time to work the core functions, Aside from that, you are also opening more time for yourself. Your well-being is very important. You are responsible for your own health. Work-related problems can lead you to physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. By taking some time to recharge, you will come back better and more productive.

On the other hand, your virtual assistant can be your valuable asset. VAs can help you by giving you time. They can offer time for you to do the more important responsibilities. Lastly, they can offer you time to allow yourself to breathe.

Interested to hire a real estate virtual assistant? We can help you here at ARMY OF ME. Contact us and talk with one of our experts.



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