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We deliver virtual organization solutions, from remote staffing to business automation. We listen to what your business needs and deliver virtual automated organization.


Hiring more local staff can be too costly, especially if you are still starting. The salary, cost of training, office, insurance, taxes, and a lot more to consider may add up to huge expenses. Hiring virtual assistants will be a smarter option. Army of Me (AOM) provides superior virtual organization solutions that you can rely on with its Virtual Assistant services. You can increase your organization’s flexibility and impress your customers at the same time with trusted solutions.


Army of Me (AOM) provides superior virtual organization solutions gone are the days, for traditional non-tech business that operated heavily on a linear business approach. We help you redesign the fundamentals of your business model, organizational structure, business strategies, and technologies.
As a now, virtual organization that has weathered the storm of recent global economic challenges, we want to help small business owners develop their very own “one-man army”. Increase your organization’s flexibility and taking your business to the future of automation.

The range of services that our excellent roster of virtual assistants provide includes:


AOM Marketing Virtual Assistants’ offers you help in managing your Social Media presence.
  • Strengthens Other Marketing
  • Efforts
    Builds Strong Relationships and Engagement with Customers
  • Constant Updating of Contents
  • Not having to Hire a Full-time Marketing Employee
  • Major Platform Integration – Connect and manage your social media platforms. This will be the key to effective social media management.
  • Advance Scheduling for Posts – Management programs offer the opportunity to schedule posts. This applies to either individual or group networks.
  • URL Shrinking – Condense URLs by incorporating tools into the post creation windows. This can be through the use of social media management programs.
  • Analytics Integration and Reporting – Save time pulling stats from many platforms. Some tools give basic reports providing excellent insights. With this, you can see how your social media marketing is performing.


Create successful business deals with real estate listing with the help of Army of Me. There is no situation we have not encountered and been able to work through. This is all possible through the expertise of our capable virtual agents
  • Expect accountability
  • Easier Manageability
  • Deal with Experts
  • Increase in Sales
  • Consistent and Constant Prospecting – Great real estate listing is always prospecting. Many systems are available in place to connect with possible sellers.
  • Communication – We will understand how to help the sellers by communicating with them. This communication will answer sellers’ questions and address their concerns.
  • Market Knowledge – Great real estate listing agents are local market experts. They know about all the comings and goings in the area.


Achieve appointment-setting success with AOM services. Hire experienced appointment setters that can perform fitting your expectations.
  • High-Quality Appointment Scheduling
  • Consultative Approach to Customer
  • Skilled Personnel in Sales
  • Digital Recording and Tracking Appointments
  • Improved Sales
  • Easy Online Bookings – Offer customers convenient online booking service. Tools are available to help book clients and remind providers about their schedules.
  • Real-Time Automated Scheduling – It is where cloud-based appointment scheduling software flexes its functions. The system can confirm and deny requests.
  • Appointment Calendars ­– Confirmation email or texts are sent once there is an appointment. This reminds the clients of their appointment. They can make changes and cancellations if necessary.
  • Updated Contact Information – Users with authority can locate a customer’s contact information. This is with the use of a quick search.
  • Automated Reporting – Automated reports can be set up to generate the necessary data and metrics. This will save businesses time and money.


Army of Me Virtual Assistants will provide you good real estate strategy. This is with high-quality and customizable market research and expert analysis. No doubt, we can help you achieve your success.
  • Helps you to Get Familiar with the Latest Trends in Real Estate.
  • Helps you Know Where to Invest
  • Guide you with your Investment
  • Low cost of operation – You can save from other unnecessary expenses with its low-cost operating services.
  • Time-bound project – Having a clear time frame is something you don’t need to worry about. With the help of experts in research, they’ll surely achieve your project goals.
  • Best Team of Experts – Experts in real estate will help you answer your questions and concerns. We set our own high standards and determine our own value-added services.


AOM helps you resolve your related problems and questions. Our VAs will offer you great customer support service.
  • Cost-Savings
  • Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success
  • Source of more revenue
  • Tech & Product Improvement
  • Call management system – You can use it to log incoming phone calls and route them through a network to the proper person or department.
  • Contact center – This is the central point from which all customers are managed. Contact centers offer omnichannel support, including email, voice, chat, and websites.
  • Internet-based customer service suite – Also known as e-service suites. These platforms are for consumer self-service.
  • Field service and dispatch system – This system is an essential part of customer service and support. It enables you to contact technicians to service a product when the need arises.


Improve your accounts budget and receivable process.
  • Assured Confidentiality
  • Compassionate-Assistance
  • Deal with Professionals
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Boosts Company’s Professional Image
  • Multiple-enterprise – Supports many legal enterprises, where data can be easily shared.
  • Collection Strategies – Allow easy creation and deployment of strategies. With custom strategies, you decide how you want the system to operate.
  • Support Desk – Provides comfort through software training, implementation, and configuration.
  • Custom User Fields – Offer the greatest amount of customer information, making happy collectors.
  • Business Intelligence – Tracks account statuses, aging, and days sales outstanding (DSO).



First-Hand Knowledge and Experience
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We were a traditional non-tech business that was able to successfully adopt and implement a virtual organization structure. Trust us, we know what we’re talking about.
Top-Tier Talent
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Our team is composed of highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to helping your organization succeed.
Component Services
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While all of our services form part of the virtualization process, you can take your pick among these components if you’re still on the fence on whether you want to completely move towards virtual organization.

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