At, we connect our users/applicants with companies seeking diverse talents through employment opportunities in an agile and simple way.

The job portal aims to help its users find the best jobs available on their market industry and connect companies to top tier talents internationally.

For employers, Army of me helps you promote and advertise your company. You can likewise utilize Army of Me to set up invitations and meetings, content creation, post photographs and recordings, and so much more.

For jobseekers, Army of Me helps you secure the right position, build and establish proficient connections, and become familiar with the abilities you really want to achieve in your profession.

Army of me is user-friendly, versatile and easy to access wherever you are, where you go.

A complete Army of Me profile enables you to bridge with so many opportunities by presenting your distinct background through experience, capabilities, and training.

The Army of Me Search bar at the highest point of each page lets you look for individuals, jobs, posts, organizations, and schools. You can click any of the search suggestions that show up in the dropdown list as you key in or generate your search to see the result. To look for available jobs, you can simply tap the jobs in the dashboard and scan through any available jobs.

Army of Me offers a consistent application experience so jobseekers can undoubtedly apply to jobs directly from their computers, laptops and mobile phones.

To get a client or a web-based work, you should register an Army of Me account. The more data, the more possibilities you have of getting recruited. Once your profile is made and ready, you can already search and apply for jobs that will suit you, or wait for employers to contact you. Either way which is more comfortable for you.

No, however it will build your possibilities getting recruited. The more tests you take, the simpler it is for you to demonstrate that you are profoundly talented.
You can go to your Army of Me Page by clicking on the accountsmenu at the top most part of your Army of Me landing page. You can then choose among the options on which you would want to do on your profile.
After an individual clicks on your job post, they are directed to the expected set of opportunities on your Jobs landing page so they can apply to yourcompany and get applications via email. Deal with all applicants inside your Army of Medashboard. Scan through applications, set meetings and send message to jobseekers.
Businesses that come to our site realize that this is the best spot to track down applicants and companies. Along these lines, we permit foreign nationals/residents to involve the site as jobseekers. We permit jobseekers from different nations like India, Asia, United Sates, and so forth.
Contrasting to traditional forms of web based promoting, Sponsored Jobs on Army of me utilize a pay for performance advertising. This implies you only pay when somebody taps on your jobs and check it. You have the full control to set the amount you want to spend and our tool wraps it up, conveying outcomes that meet your expense and financial plan targets.
In the event that the company purchased a Premium account, your social media account such as your Facebook profile will be visible.
We don’t take a cut on workforce compensations. We don’t get in the middle of your correspondence with your workforce. We don’t force you to pay your workers through us.